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In 2014 we have decided to provide housing for mentally ill patients in treatment. We partnered with Transitional Resources, a well-regarded mental health agency in West Seattle and began to look for the right house close to Transitional Resources. We qualified for a $425,000 loan from Cornerstone Fund (a UCC-affiliated funder) and in October 2015 we purchased a great house in the Westwood Village area of West Seattle. Up to 5 formerly homeless adults can have a safe and comfortable place to live while working on recovery with Transitional Resources.

UCHA welcomes new members at any time. We hold general monthly business meetings as an organization and also have various committees and work groups that convene as often as needed.

We need your talents in many areas!  See the range of our needs on our new member task list.

On-Going Activities

Fund-Raising for All Projects

To support its on-going commitments, short-term projects, and long-term property expansion, UCHA members annually organize several fundraising events. These events include the annual fall Harvest Home Tea and the annual spring fundraiser dinner.

In 2015 we purchased a house in West Seattle to provide housing for mentally ill patients in treatment.  We have partnered with Transitional Resources, a mental health agency in West Seattle to provide additional permanent housing for their clients.  See the Transitional Resources website for information about their mission.

Our 12th Annual Fundraising Dinner was on March 25, 2017 at the Seattle Yacht Club. We raised nearly $79,000 towards paying off on the mortgage on the Westwood House in West Seattle.  We hope to finish paying off the loan in 2017-2018.

Our Harvest Home Tea was held on November 18, 2016.  We raised over $9000!

In the past we have also raised funds for and provided volunteer support for Plymouth Healing Communities, Habitat for Humanity, Elizabeth Gregory Home, Home Step, the Church of Mary Magdalene and Mary's Place.

Solid Ground: Sand Point Community Housing

Each year, UCHA members create Welcome Baskets of household supplies for new residents of the transitional housing units at Sand Point. Members also staff the one-night a week Resource Center during two months each year.

If you'd like to help on any of our events, contact our current President.

Past Activities

The Lin House Renovation & Management

A three-bedroom home, given as a gift to the UCUCC Church in about 2002, the Lin House was placed under the management of UCHA to use according to the organization's mission. Following extensive renovation work, the house was offered for several years as transitional housing for families moving from homelessness to stability. Through a contract with the Community Psychiatric Clinic (CPC), the Lin House is now serving as stable housing for residents living with mental illness. UCHA members continue to maintain and manage the upkeep of the home.

Habitat for Humanity Interfaith Build

UCHA led extensive fund-raising, then coordinated a two-year Inter-Faith build with Habitat for Humanity! The home, located in the High Point community in West Seattle, was completed in 2007. Volunteers worked weekly for over a year in the construction of this home.

The UCC Katrina Rebuild Project

This project coordinated through the national United Church of Christ (UCC) involved two teams in UCHA-organized mission trips to New Orleans in 2007 (19 participants) and 2008 (21 participants). The members worked at various home sites for one week painting, hanging doors and trim, installing and finishing drywall, and a variety of other tasks. Funds were also raised to be donated to the South Central Disaster Relief program, along with gift cards to local building supply stores.

2008-2009 Projects

In support of the King County Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness UCHA supported several agencies located within the University District. This included the drop-in center in the U District established in conjunction with the Elizabeth Gregory Home; Home Step, a rent subsidy project of the Church Council of Greater Seattle; The Church of Mary Magdalene and Mary's Place; and the University Churches Emergency Fund.

"Out of a desire to be hands for God's work, our mission is to work in creative ways to prevent homelessness and to provide housing for people in need."